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Morning sex tips by las vegas call girls

Mornings are beautiful, you have a new day ahead full of opportunities, and with a refreshing start, you can make your whole day full of wonders. Morning sex is one of the best ways of starting your day ahead. Getting busy in making love provides all the benefits that c cup of strong coffee will give you.

According to las vegas call girls, morning sex has lots of benefits.

These include:-


  • Morning sex makes your body active and ready for the day.
  • You perform better in bed during the early mornings because of high testosterone and estrogen levels.
  • A study showed that men last longer in bed in the mornings than at any other time of the day.
  • Morning sex releases a high amount of Oxytocin which makes you less stressed and improves your mental health.
  • Morning sex is proved to be the number one stress reliever
  • Morning sex counts as a workout, you burn calories, improve your health while having fun.
  • Morning sex makes you look younger and slows down the aging process, as it releases oxytocin, anti-inflammatory molecules, and endorphin which slows down the ageing process.
  • It improves your cardiovascular health.
  • Morning sex decreases the chances of divorce and makes your intimate bond stronger.


These are just some of the abundant benefits of morning sex, now it’s your turn to get these benefits with fun in the mornings.



Morning sex tips by escorts


Here are some premium tips which you can follow to get an amazing and pleasurable morning sex experience, these are:-


  • Put an alarm 20-30 minutes or one hour early from your regular time, as having sex in early morning cuts your time in your morning routines.
  • Don’t want to set alarms, then get ambitious and have it quickly in the shower as morning shower sex gives you a clean pleasure feeling.
  • Thinking about getting tired, well morning sex is equal to exercise which elevates your energy levels and makes you ready for the day.
  • Not in the mood of sex, then you can just enjoy foreplay and playful stimulation, and as the mood sets start enjoying oral sex.
  • When it comes to kissing, morning bad breaths can hinder the pleasure and you need to think beyond kissing on lips and neck. Keep mint chewing gums or mouth freshener beside your bed for a fresh mouth and go on kissing every part that can be stimulated with kisses.
  • Need more inspirations, these are some sex positions in which you don’t need any acrobatic skills or bouncing springs. These positions are:-
    • Spooning position
    • Doggy style position
    • The hot wrap position
    • The cowgirl position
    • The side 69 hold
    • The ankle choker
    • The ankle swan.


These tips and positions that highly professional las vegas call girls recommend will make your morning sex much better.

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